About Dime City Apparel

           Born and raised in The Big Apple (The Bronx, New York), Daniel Prince always dreamed big! With New York City exhibiting one of the leading fashion industries in the world, Daniel is no rookie when it comes to style and fashion; particularly Hip Hop fashion. Going to high school in The Bronx, the way one dressed displayed a statement of status.  Daniel strongly believes when a person is dressed well, there’s a radiant and parallel feeling which accompanies their outfit. Daniel also believes many people today would enjoy such boost! Daniel first began his journey in music as the owner of Young-X Presents LLC in 2022, but he later founded Dime City Apparel women’s clothing brand in the year 2023. 
           In 2003, Daniel moved from New York City to the state of Florida. Daniel then attended U.S. Army Basic Training (Boot Camp) and spent the next 3 years training for, and going to Iraq as a medic with one of the army’s most prestigious Infantry Divisions. Seeing first-hand the ruins of war and conflict in the Middle East during his deployment, Daniel came back to the United States with new found respect and appreciation. However, Daniel still noticed there was a need to spread positivity amongst others. Apart from his positive sounding, up-beat music, Daniel created Dime City Apparel acquiring quality, stylish, long-lasting garments, maintaining a luxurious brand image. The theme colors, black and gold, were chosen as a touch of elegance for the brand’s identity.  Daniel looks to branch out into men’s clothing in the future.

Meet Daniel Prince: The Visionary behind DimeCity Apparel

DimeCity Apparel is not just a brand. It is the brainchild of Daniel Prince, someone who has always been passionate about music, fashion, and empowering women worldwide. Born and raised in The Bronx, New York, Daniel was fascinated by the fashion industry, particularly the influence of Hip Hop fashion on urban culture.

After moving from New York City to Florida in 2003, Daniel attended the US Army Basic Training Boot Camp and spent three years serving in Iraq as a medic. His experience of witnessing the ruins of war and conflict in the Middle East instilled in him a sense of responsibility to spread positivity and empowerment amongst others. 

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Elevate Your Style and Embrace Your Best Self!

Years ago, Daniel founded Young-X Presents LLC, a hip-hop music and entertainment brand. He later expanded to follow his passion for fashion and launched Dime City Apparel with a mission to make women feel empowered, confident, and beautiful. As a luxury brand, Dime City Apparel is committed to delivering longer-lasting, high-quality clothing that offers unmatched comfort and style. The brand is designed to cater to women who seek a day-to-night look in their clothing and want to feel empowered while wearing it.

One of the unique aspects of Dime City Apparel is its focus on providing clothing that women can wear in a diverse range of ways. From chic crop tops to comfortable t-shirts, and elegant v-necks to supportive sports bras, our collection is tailored to cater to all your longer-lasting, high-quality clothing needs.

Daniel believes that when a person is dressed well, there is a radiant and parallel feeling that accompanies their outfit, and this is what makes them stand out. Women who wear Dime City apparel should feel a sense of empowerment and confidence that will elevate their style and make them feel beautiful all day long.

Join the community of empowered women who choose to wear Dime City Apparel. Experience the exceptional comfort and style that our garments offer. Don't settle for anything less than luxury as Daniel continues to innovate and bring the latest trends to the fashion industry.

Enjoy the Dime City Apparel experience - invest in yourself and feel confident and beautiful every day. Shop our collection now and start your journey towards empowerment.